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Alternative Cancer Remedies (Articles, Links, Products)

Artemisinin Annua and other Remedies

In the late 90's or so, I learned of it. Artemisinin. Really I forgot about it after I learned it. A friend had a dog with osteosarcoma, and asked me to research holistic remedies. I found her information on the research of Dr. Cuoto at U of Ohio. I was only a few years later that I found a need to use it for my own dog. The protocol I followed was five days on, two days off, with the Artemisinin Annua served in a TBS of cottage cheese each evening. The information below is a compilation of articles and links to further information for the use of Artemisinin Annua in the treatment and prevention of cancers.

DISCLAIMER: This document overviews important information regarding alternative, holistic, or non-FDA approved remedies. This document is not meant to replace the recommendation of a veterinarian who has examined your dog. I am not a veterinarian.



Brewer Sciense Laboratory, Artemisinin Update

Case Summary of Artemisinin Use in Canines

Chinese Herb for Bleeding Dog Cancers

Cancer Smart Bomb Part 1

Cancer Smart Bomb Part 2

eBooks and PDF Articles

Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy, by John Boik (PDF eBook download)

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, by Dr. Demien Dressler, DVM (PDF eBook download)

List of Artemisnin Articles, Listerature and Research Reports(2005) (PDF eBook download)






Aanandi Red Girl: Aanandi
Owner(s): Tracy Wessel
Location: Montana & Oregon
Aspirations: HRD/Avalanche, IPO
Ashwini Pink Girl: Ashwini
Owner(s): Tracy Wessel (For Sale)
Location: Montana & Oregon
Aspirations: Agility, Obedience, Evidence/HRD, Suitable for very active Companion Home
Alluring Purple Girl: Alluring "Lourdes"
Owner(s): Kelley Hoffman
Location: Ohio
Aspirations: Agility,IPO, Show, Breed
Amal Aqua Boy: Amal "Mulder"
Owner(s): Marty & Harriet Collier, Tracy Wessel
Location: Montana
Super Companion, Ranch Hand, Harriet's Guardian
Abhithi Green Girl: Abhithi
Owner(s): Tracy Wessel (For Sale)
Location: Montana & Oregon
Aspirations: Agiltiy, Herding
Anuraag Orange Boy: Anuraag
Owner(s): Sandra Lafontaine & Tracy Wessel
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Aspirations: Agility, Obedience, Skijor,Frisbee, possibly Show, IPO, SAR

Accomplishments: CGN, RPN

Aarti Yellow Girl: Aarti
Owner(s): Tracy Wessel (For Sale)
Location: Montana & Oregon
Aspirations: SAR, IPO, or Pet Detection, suitable for very Active Companion home
Amsterdam Blue Boy: Amsterdam
Owner(s): Kelley Hoffman
Location: Ohio
Aspirations: Agility,IPO, Show, Breed